Irish Premium Oysters

A taste of sweetness with a hint of peat and an aftertaste of iodine is how the Gallagher family, who own and manage Irish Premium Oysters, describe the experience of eating a Gallagher’s Specials Oyster.

There is a proud tradition of oyster farming spanning over 25 years in this area of Donegal where the pristine saltwater and brackish freshwater are rich in minerals. Today, Irish Premium Oysters are available in many top eateries around the world or can be enjoyed locally in the Lobster Pot in nearby Burtonport. open every day, they serve food from 12:00 and the a la carte menu from 6pm.

The Lobster Pot

Burtonport, Co. Donegal

+ 353 (0)74 954 2012

Edward Gallagher

Irish Premium Oysters

Traigheanna Bay, Lettermacaward, Co. Donegal

+353 (0)86 604 4478


Lower Main Street, Dungloe, Co. Donegal

+353 (0)74 956 1682

Harvey’s Point

Lough Eske Rd, Tawnyvorgal, Co. Donegal

+353 (0)972 2208