Fresh Oysters, Clear waters and
Spectacular Views

Join us on our farm tour and see first-hand the life cycle of an oyster. As part of the tour you will enjoy the taste of oysters fresh from the Atlantic Sea.

Our tour is a one hour guided tour by
our oyster farmer Jimmy

Jimmy will share his years of experience at oyster farming and explain what is involved in getting the oyster from these shores to a plate in restaurants worldwide

By the end of the tour, you will have visited an oyster farm, learnt about the different oyster farming methods. You will have an understanding of how our oysters are grown from seed to Jumbo size and what is involved in getting them restaurant ready. You will also have received a demonstration of how to shuck (open) an oyster and best of all get to taste an oyster fresh out of the water. A taste of sweetness with a hint of peat gives the oyster a unique iodised taste that best describes the experience of eating a ‘Gallagher’s Special Oyster’!

Throughout the tour you will have the chance to ask any questions and by the end you will be an expert on all things oysters!


Pre booking essential, as our bay is tidal and we can only offer tour when the tide is out

The tour will involve a gentle 300m walk on the beach to the farm

5.00per child
15.00per person
Families & Groups
Special Family Group Rates


Tel: +353 86 6044478

*Special family group rates
Plenty of car parking and bays for small buses but no large coach facilities

Our Next Tours


The following are the times and dates of our tours

Please contact us directly through contact us on the website or by mobile on 086 6044478 or 0866022288  to book a tour. 

Monday 5th June @ 12.00 hrs

Tuesday 6th June @ 13.00 hrs

Thursday 8th June @ 15.30 hrs

Friday 9th June @ 15.30 hrs

Thursday 15th June @ 10.00 hrs

Friday 16th June @ 10.30 hrs

Saturday 16th June @ 11.00hrs

Monday 19th June @ 12.30 hrs

Tuesday 20th June @ 13.00 hrs

Thursday 22nd June @ 14.30 hrs

Friday 23rd June @ 15.30 hrs

Monday July 3rd July @ 11.00 hrs

Tuesday July 4th July @ 12.00 hrs

Thursday 6th July @ 14.00 hrs

Friday 7th July @ 14.30 hrs

Saturday 8th July @15.30 hrs

Thursday 13th July @ 9.30 hrs

Friday 14th July @ 10.00 h

Saturday 15th July @ 10.00 hrs

Monday 17th July @ 11.30 hrs

Thursday 20th July @ 13.30 hrs

Friday 21st July @ 14.00 hrs

Saturday 22nd July @ 14.30 hrs

Monday 24th July @ 14.00 hrs

Monday 31st July @ 11.00 hrs

Tuesday 1st August @ 11.00 hrs

Thursday 3rd August @ 12.30 hrs

Friday 4th August @14.00 hrs

Saturday 5th August @ 14.00 hrs



Remember to wear weather appropriate clothing
Wear beach appropriate footwear, wellingtons or waterproof boots, you will have to walk
in a couple inches of water, depending on tide.