Chinese Delegation Impressed with Donegal

Democrat Reporter

Democrat Reporter

Chinese delegation impressed with Donegal

The Chinese delegation outside Donegal International Airport.

On Friday Irish Premium Oysters, located at Traigheanna Bay, Co. Donegal hosted a significant Chinese delegation headed up by Mr Li Qinwu the Secretary General of the Guandong Enterprise Association for foreign Investment and Ms Kairan Xie of the Guandong Council for the promotion of small and medium enterprise. The visit followed the signing ceremony of a major contract for Mr Gallagher

The delegation flew into Donegal airport and from the outset they were highly impressed by the scenery and the welcome they received from Mr Edward Gallagher of Irish Premium Oysters, his family and staff. The visit was coordinated by Ms Yan Zhao, China Sales Director for Jade Ireland Seafood
In particular the Delegation Leaders were highly impressed with the Airport and its environs and warmly welcomed to Donegal by Ms Anne Bonner, Managing Director and Mrs Pauline Sweeney, Marketing Manager from Donegal Airport (pictured). They were particularly moved by the presence of the Chinese flag alongside the European, Irish and Donegal flags. Upon hearing that the Airport was the second most beautiful in the world, they have suggested a promotion! It is hoped that further Chinese business people will come through the Airport in the coming years and months.